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May 6th/04 found John Toulman and myself launching John’s 19′ Grumman canoe to fish for spring salmon in upper Blackville. Water temp 9 degrees Celsius, winds light, sunny with a few clouds. Cast after cast was made with no sign of fish. Approximately one and a half hours went by, as I made a cast towards the shoreline with a variation of the grey ghost tied on a #4 long shank hook. I felt the hard strike as the fly started to swing away from the bank. The battle was on, after 50 minutes of runs & jumps the fish was in the net. After a measurement and two quick photos, the salmon was released. The fish measured 40 & a half inches in length, A dream of every salmon fisherman and this one became reality.
Goodwin’s fly shop has been serving Grand Lake area for over 30 Years. We have many years experience on the best techniques and equipment that will be successful for you.

Ralph Goodwin, owner and operator of Goodwin’s Fly Shop, has been selling fishing equipment, and has been tying and selling Atlantic Salmon flies for many years. He is an avid fisherman who has always loved his work, and it shows in his product. Ralph began tying flies in 1968 and selling to local fly fisherman. Many have caught their first Atlantic Salmon using a Goodwin fly, and they have become repeat customers because they love the attention to detail that is in every fly. Goodwin flies have been fished as far away as Russia with good success. The Austin’s Shrimp being a very popular fly has been a real success for Goodwin’s Fly Shop, having made a lot of success stories for many fly fisherman all over North America and abroad.

“probably the most successful flies I’ve used on the Miramichi!” Philip Fortin – Minto, NB

We offer a good assortment of shad flies. Experience fly fishing on the mighty Miramichi where fishing shad is always a great time for everyone. Check out our section on guiding.

Here’s a sample of some of our shad flies.

Check these beautiful flies out: Black Ghost,Sunrise, Red Eagle, etc.

“I’ve been a fisherman for a number of years and I buy most of my flies from Goodwin’s. Ralph ties a good fly and he makes them to last. He is a dedicated fisherman so he puts extra effort into making his flies work for you!”

Bailey Dorion – Grand Lake Area Resident, NB
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The most important asset in Atlantic salmon fly fishing is patience. Being able to present the fly, read the water, know the river you are fishing plays an important role in your success. Other factors include the height of water and the most critical being water temperature. Fly patterns vary with the seasons, during the spring large streamers are used because of the high and often murky water conditions. The summer season calls for traditional not flies, dry flies, deer hair bugs and bombers. As the leaves turn red, orange & yellow the fall season arrives, the shrimp and small streamers patterns come into play. So knowing fly patterns is also beneficial. Combine all of the above ingredients and a little persistence will make you a successful Atlantic salmon fisherman.

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There is a great selection of common flies to choose from along with special flies handmade and tested for their ability to attract salmon, Ralph Goodwin is the originator of the;

Belly Dancer, R.G. Bug, Shady Lady (Variation),Mintonian, Austin’s Shrimp, and Emmy Special.

(limited orders accepted)

“One of the reasons Ralph’s flies are so good is that he tries to imitate what the fish see in their natural surroundings. He fine tunes his patterns, adjusting colours and body shapes until the fly “works”. I think the real test of a fly is whether it fishes well under challenging conditions, and hisdo. I often have other fishermen (and guides) come over and offer to help me land my salmon, just so they can see what fly I have on-this happens when the fish are hard to take and no one is even raising fish. My two favourite are the R.G. Bug and the Belly Dancer. I have had a lot of success with them and I try to have at least two of each with me every time I go to the river.” John Toulman – Grand Lake Area Resident, NB

Ralph guides on a steady basis for the Ledges Inn in Doaktown, flies are also sold to clients staying at the four star Inn.
As a guide Ralph has clients from New Brunswick, Nova Scotia, Quebec, Ontario, and many parts of the United States. He has repeat clients from as far away as Washington USA.